Janry German Shepherds

Janry offers decades of breeding Champion Futurity and Maturity Winning German Shepherds. Loyal family dogs and fearless guardians of the home, German Shepherds are highly intelligent, affectionate dogs that make excellent family companions.

Their dense double coat requires regular, thorough brushing, and these large dogs need plenty of outdoor exercises. On the "cuteness scale" of 1 to 10, the German Shepherd puppy ranks at least an 11!

Choosing a breeder is as important as choosing a dog. For nearly 30 years, Janry German Shepherds have received numerous accolades and awards. We have bred and handled dozens of AKC Champions.

Our puppies are born in a nursery in our home and are lavished with continuous love and daily handling until they go to their permanent homes. Our puppies are close to totally housebroken by the time they leave Janry.