Doggie Daycare at Janry Pet Resort

Did you know that daycare for dogs can help your dog be happier and healthier – as well as provide peace-of-mind for you?

Here are just a few of the main benefits your dog may enjoy while in doggie day care:

  • Healthy Socialization with Other Dogs or People
  • More Exercise
  • Less Anxiety
  • Relief from Boredom

And for pet parents, the benefits are many, including:

  • No feelings of guilt about leaving your dog at home alone all day
  • Relief knowing that your dogs are not being naughty (raiding trash cans, chewing your shoes, destroying the furniture, barking or howling excessively, etc.) while they are home alone all day
  • Feelings of happiness knowing that the staff here at Janry is playing with, caring for and loving-on your dogs all day long.

If your dog has not yet spent time with us in daycare or boarding, we’d love to meet you and your pet. We offer a complimentary “Getting to Know You” day of doggie day care on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. This gives your dog the chance to get to know us - just for the day - and it gives us the chance to evaluate your dog and make recommendations before you sign-up for doggie day care or boarding. It’s free for all dogs who have not yet spent time with us in daycare or boarding (even if they’ve been here for grooming or training – it’s still free).

It has been said that we could think of most of today’s dogs as “unemployed” because traditionally dogs have been bred for very specific jobs such as hunting, livestock herding or guarding the flock.

Let’s face it. We don’t have much need for these traditional skills in today’s world.

Even if your dog has never had a job - or a racing career - boredom, pent-up energy or lack of exercise all contribute to medical and behavioral problems.

Call us to speak to a specialist...

If you have any questions, or would like to make a reservation, please give us a call at 908-479-6132 and a reservation specialist will be happy to help you.