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Toji Enzymes to the Rescue!

We get many questions about the use and effectiveness of our Enzyme and Mineral bath salt additives. Have no doubt these are an essential ingredient in getting the animal’s skin cleaner, quicker and reduce the inflammation in the 1st bath.



Firstly know that enzymes are catabolizers. That means they eat organic material. So the enzymes are going to soften that sebum crust as well as eat away at it allowing the micro bubbles to lift the crust off quicker and more effectively. Enzymes also aid in breaking down proteins and fats. Then to round it out, the enzymes act as a catalyst to make all the other ingredients work together and better in a more synergistic way. This cuts down on the amount of time you need to bath the animal.

Secondly, the all natural minerals serve many very important functions. Again this helps shorten the duration of the bathing session as well as TURBO-CHARGING the effectiveness of the Thera-Clean Bath. Some of the minerals (borax) are an ANTI-INFLAMATORY. This is seen immediately with those animals that have red inflamed skin that is on fire. Post 1st bath the skin is more of a pink in color and the dermis is played down considerably and not as swollen and irritated.


Borax also provides:

-Natural Essential Nutrient
-Boosts Immune System
-Antimicrobial Compound
-Fungicidal Agent
-Detoxifying Agent.

Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate:

- Softens Debris on Skin
- Absorbs Odor
– Breaks Down Fat On Skin
– Mild Antiseptic for Skin Diseases
– Removes Stains
– Neutralizes Acidity
– Good For Burns

Sodium Sulfate:

– Dissolves Oil On Skin
– Activates Tissue Repair
– Prevents Heat Rash & Cracks


The addition of the all natural enzymes and minerals are an essential part in getting that skin cleaner faster, deeper, quicker, and reducing the inflammation of the inflamed and irritated skin. Please note that we offer you 3 different types of enzyme and mineral bath additives. Each one is different in the way they approach different skin and animal conditions.

Please do not under-estimate the importance of using these products in EVERY bath.



(Greenish-Blue in color) Deep cleans skin. Reduces stress and anxiety.



(White in color) Deep cleans skin. Reduces inflammation or infected skin for animals with allergies.



(Orange in color)Deep cleans skin. Removes unpleasant body odors.

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