Preparing for a Winter Weather Emergency

Preparing for a Winter Weather Emergency

With hurricane season upon us and the threat of wild winter weather looming in the future the Pet Industry is concentrating on emergency protocols and proactive preparedness for the safety and support of our staff and customers. Whether your Pet Resort is located in the city or the country, being prepared for a power outage this time of year is crucial for the success of any business.  There are many steps that Pet Resorts can take to be prepared in the event of a power outage. 

Hurricane Cyclone Winter Weather Emergency

Most important is having a backup power source, depending on the size of the facility, and the location, will depend on what backup power source will be suitable for the facility.  Proper maintenance and regularly scheduled filling of the fuel source will allow piece of mind during any power outage emergency.  Janry Pet Resort is backed up by 2 Generac Generators, which allow us to care for our guests with the same level of comfort and care as any other day of the year.

During an emergency proper staffing is a critical point that is sometimes hard to manage.  Many staff members have their own homes to care for or the road conditions disallow the staff to safely travel to work.  Janry Pet Resort takes precautions to have staff with the customers prior to any major predicted storm system.  We also have on site resident owners who add an extra level of safety and security during intense storms that may affect the area.

Winter Weather Emergency Car Driving in Snow

Many of the ways that we, as a business prepare for a storm emergency, also translates to our personal homes preparedness.  The following is a check list that everyone can use, to be ready in case of a power outage.

  • Double Check your Insurance Policies
  • Make sure you have the power companies telephone number handy
  • Have a prepared bag with flashlight’s and extra batteries ready if needed
  • Make sure all electronics are plugged into surge protectors
  • Secure outdoor furniture, garbage cans or anything that could blow around in high winds
  • Have extra bottled water for drinking and teeth brushing
Pet Dog and Cat in snow caring for our customers

Preparation to serve our customers is the most important aspect when going into this time of year, when potentially large storm systems can disrupt out lives. By following these steps we are all much closer to successfully dealing with the aftermath of Mother Nature.

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