The labradoodle at Janry Pet Resort

The Labradoodle

Have you ever considered adding the cute and cuddly labradoodle to your family? Let us take a look at what breeds of dog, have been bred together, to create the very popular labradoodle.

Janry Pet Resort Protect your pet from Ticks

Protecting your pets from Ticks

While admiring the beautiful colors of the changing seasons and the excitement of the upcoming holidays our busy schedules and planning can allow us to overlook a popular pest that can invade our back yards and attack the health of our beloved pets. I have always wondered why the fall is such an active time…Read More

The Importance of Consistency when Training your Dog.

Consistency is the key to successful dog obedience. If you’re not consistent, you will more than likely confuse your dog. This is why consistency is so important when committing to giving your dog a command. By being consistent, we take our next step in training your dog. https://www.facebook.com/janrypetresort/videos/10154869167472113/